This Thanksgiving seems to be more significant than many ones past. Before 9-11, many of us sat at our bountiful feasts and gave heartfelt though half-thought out thankfulness of what we had. No real deep thought into what or why we felt that we were thankful for something. Always our loved ones, but mostly because we love them.

After 9-11, much of that changed, though each year has probably had a lesser degree of thoughtfulness, meaning…back to the hum-drum of what we’re actually thankful for. Unless we had family members fighting in the war, sick in a hospital, fighting a terminal disease, or some other recent significant event, we didn’t give it thought.

But here we are again. We are closer now to a depression that we have been as a country since The Great Depression. So, does this change what we’re truly are thankful for in our lives?

In October, I went to one of my favorite sights and named 3 things that were
“Right In My Life”. In reflecting for this Thanksgiving, I can say that part of it is true though now I am changing this to What I’m Truly Thankful For”. Though I am still happy that I am bug free, until the next time I water I’m sure, I have to give this the serious thought it deserves.

My Family: My family is extremely supportive, understanding, interested and loving. Without them, our family doesn’t work; we wouldn’t survive. They love our kids, respect their differences and love them even more. I adore my husband, and my children have shown me another side of life that I would have never had the opportunity to experience.

Our Fortune: Our fortune is that my husband has a decent job that helps to afford us a roof over our heads. Even though it’s a frustrating job that will never pay him enough for what he puts on the line. Our fortune is that we have each other. Our fortune is that things could be worse, but they’re not.

Finally, I am thankful for the love in my life. The love of my husband, the love of my family, of my children, my friends and other family. I am thankful for all the love that surrounds our children and me. If it weren’t for that love, we wouldn’t be able to find the strength we need to persevere in all that life has catapulted our way.

If it weren’t for love, the unconditional manner in which we accept our son, our children, our lives would be forgotten, resentment, blame, regret would settle. We would lose our strength and our children would suffer. I am thankful for love.

Though we each should be sitting at our tables, bountiful or not this year, with our families, with those we hold dear, or those we can just hold, I do want to hear your thoughts, what you’re thankful for, this year? HAPPY THANKSGIVING.